Rapid 3.1 - responsive hosted solution

With more consumers shopping on mobile devices than ever before it makes sense that online payments work for all devices. Make sure your payment page intelligently responds to how consumers are purchasing with Rapid 3.1.

What is Rapid 3.1?

Rapid 3.1 allows businesses to create a hosted payment page that adapts to their customers' preferred device, with beautiful designs and smart templates to boost mobile payment conversions

The Rapid 3.1 responsive hosted API is built on eWAY's industry leading infrastructure. Our global PCI DSS compliant payment gateway ensures credit card payments are processed 24/7 as fast as possible.

How do I get Rapid 3.1?

Rapid 3.1 is free to implement, with sample code, documentation and testing environments to help you create a responsive payment page for your clients.

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Is it secure?

eWAY is tier 1 PCI DSS 2.0 compliant as independently certified by BAE Systems Detica, an external Qualified Security Assessor (QSA). Rapid 3.1 captures the customer's credit card data directly on an eWAY hosted payment page, avoiding the business' servers. The business does not capture or store the data therefore reducing their scope of PCI DSS compliance.

How does it work?

The Rapid 3.1 responsive hosted payment process works in five steps:

  1. The website sends a request to eWAY containing the transaction information fields required
  2. The customer is either redirected to the custom responsive payment page hosted with eWAY or directly on the merchant's payment form through the transparent redirect option
  3. The customer enters their credit card and payment information and the payment is processed
  4. The customer is redirected to a nominated Return URL
  5. The website requests the transaction results from eWAY

What's new in this release?

Settlement Reports - conduct programmatic reconciliation to ensure account figures are accurate.
Client-side encryption
- auto-encrypt customer credit card details through a simple script that is added to the merchant payment form. Take advantage of direct payment benefits, without the need to maintain PCI DSS compliance. The customer securely completes the entire transaction on the merchant’s site - no redirect needed.
Responsive Hosted Payments
- ensure customers on various devices are presented with a seamless checkout experience.
Transparent Redirect - credit card data is sent directly from the client's browser, bypassing the merchant environment to reduce the risk and cost of PCI DSS compliance.
Direction Connection - merchants with a certified PCI-DSS compliant environment can request access to a server-side connection to the eWAY payment platform.
Transaction types - support for Purchase, MOTO or Recurring transaction types to allow for transactions where the CVN or 3-D Secure password may not be entered.
Token Payments - capture and store customer and credit card data securely on eWAY's platform to encourage repeat and recurring customers.
Beagle Fraud Alerts - Beagle Fraud Alerts is a tailored fraud prevention solution powered by ReD. High-risk transactions are reported within the hour so you can choose whether to deliver your product or service.
Beagle Fraud Alerts Enterprise - our enterprise anti-fraud system, leveraging a global database of credit card and payment activity to reduce the impact of online fraud.
Beagle Lite - detect and block suspicious activity based on the geo-location data captured for each payment.
Beagle Verify - send a phone, SMS or email alert to your customer at checkout to verify their identity.