Your all-in-one eCommerce management tool

MYeWAY makes running a business easy. With intuitive access to transaction statistics, customer profiles, advertising analytics and support, everything you need to manage your payments is at your fingertips.

And if you have questions, our dedicated Customer Care team are never more than an email, online chat or phone call away.

Payment processing made easy

To process a phone, fax, mail or face-to-face payment, simply go to Payments > Manual Transaction. Getting paid is as simple as typing in the billing details.

Payments > Manual Transaction
Actions > Charge Credit Card Again

Boost follow-up sales

Customer: "I'd like to make another payment."
You: "Done."

Recharge any client by going to their most recent transaction and clicking Actions > Charge Credit Card Again. Keep customers coming back with incredible convenience.

All your transactions at a glance

Just click the Reporting > Transaction Report link to see all the transactions processed by your payment gateway. Easily sort by time, amount, card name and more.

Transaction Report
Reporting > Custom Reports

Automatically refine your statistics

Go to Reporting > Custom Reports to create reports with just the fields you need and save them so as you can access the most important information quickly.

Easily reconcile your accounts

To streamline your accounting processes, retrieve statistics about transactions that have moved from your merchant facility to your settlement account from the Reporting > Settlement Details section.

Settlement Details
Actions > Refund Transaction

Hassle-free refunds

Any payment can be fully or partially refunded by clicking Actions > Refund Transaction. No time limit, no expiry date issues – you can modify the billing details before processing the refund.

Process manual transactions

eWAY makes it easy to take payments over the phone, via fax or in person. Just login to MYeWAY, go to Payments > Manual Transaction and type in the customer's credit card details.

MYeWAY - Manual Transaction
MYeWAY - Manage Roles

Delegate your eCommerce management

Go get a tan. Leave the reports to your staff by sharing access to MYeWAY at My Account > User Security > Create User. You can apply a ceiling to the size of transactions your employees can process, or limit their access to transaction statistics at My Account > User Security > Manage Roles

Link your multi-currency accounts

Operating in more than one currency can be time consuming. Keep you business running efficiently by linking your multi-currency accounts to your primary MYeWAY account. Your MYeWAY reporting centre will clearly show you how each currency is performing and give you the ability to process manual payments in any of your currencies.

Multi-currency in MYeWAY on Transaction Report page

24/7 expert support

If you require any kind of assistance, simply login to MYeWAY, go to Help Desk > Submit a Request and a Customer Care representative will contact you as soon as possible. If your query is time-sensitive, you can always call us on 0800 392 947.

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