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  • Over $10 billion processed for businesses both large and small since 1998

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“The competitive price and ease of use sealed the deal for us." – Richard Morrison   IMAX Melbourne Museum
Integrated Shopping Carts
Setup Couldn't Be More Simple

Seamless integration with 60+ of the world's most popular shopping carts means you could be taking payments in as little as 60 minutes.

Because You Get A
Dedicated Success Manager
Dedicated Success Manager Who'll Do Everything For You

Your Success Manager will get you up and running in the shortest possible time. Avoid lengthy delays often experienced by developers before switching to eWAY.

Follow Sun Support
Unlimited 24/7 Customer Support

Whatever the question, whenever the time, we're available on live chat, phone, email and our support desk.

Our support team knows what they’re talking about so you don’t have to worry about hanging around on the phone or being passed between departments.

So You'll Quickly Be Benefitting From
Instant Payments
Instant Payments and No Redirects

Redirecting customers to another website can cost your business lost sales. With eWAY payments are processed instantly in the background so your customers never have to leave your site.

Most customers will want to pay using a credit card, but some may like using PayPal. eWAY works perfectly alongside PayPal and we recommend using both.

We’re just better at instantly processing card payments and sending the funds to your account, so you don’t have to wait up to 5 days for your money.


Need a quote or help comparing eWAY to other gateways?

CALL FREE: 0800 392 947

We’re so confident you’ll love using eWAY that we’ll let you try it risk–free for 30 days.

How can we offer this guarantee? Easily, because we know our merchants; once they see what eWAY can do, they don't know how they did without it.

More than just a payment gateway, it’s an investment into your business

eWAY comes packed with powerful features to make your business a success. On average, our merchants grew revenues by 74% since accepting online payments.

Build trust, increase sales

Instantly take payments without redirecting customers, unlike PayPal or banks

"We need transactions to be secure and the system easy to use, eWAY offers us both. Due to demands of an online business, security and real-time transactions are vitally important" arrow
Catarina Ng Aesop 
Transactional Emails

Sell more with transactional emails

Promote products with rich HTML email receipts featuring customisable ads.

"Since we went online, sales and profits have gone up by more than 50%" arrow
Bruce Grey Director, Teleflora Teleflora happy eWAY Customer
Social Connect in Receipts

Let your customers spread the word

Social connect emails let customers promote your products on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

"Before our monthly sales were in the thousands, now they’re in the tens of thousands. eWAY is just easy!" arrow
Adam Barnes Merchandise Co–ordinator, Cronulla Sharks Cronulla Sharks happy eWAY Customer
Simple Refunds and Guarantees

Boost customer loyalty

Instantly process refunds and guarantees, build long-lasting customer relationships.

"eWAY has made it so much easier for the customer, and for us. It used to take us days to deal with refunds – now it's all done in the same day. It's magic." arrow
Robert McKimmie Chief Financial Officer, RSPCA WA RSPCA happy eWAY Customer
Multicurrency Transactions

Become a global business

Take payments from all over the world in your customer's native currencies.

"Now 40% of our business is international." arrow
Christina Hyde CEO, MyBagTag MyBagTag happy eWAY Customer
Recurring Subscription Payments

Sell subscriptions and memberships

Automatically bill customers with recurring payments on a yearly, monthly, weekly or daily basis.

"Since setting up our eCommerce site, sales and profits have increased by 400%." arrow
Claire Robertson Marketing and eCommerce Manager, Australian Geographic Australian Geographic happy eWAY Customer
Payments Anywhere Anytime

Accept payments anywhere, anytime

Use our mobile app to take payments and manage transactions from anywhere.

"We don't need a physical credit card machine any more. Since we signed up, eWAY has just always been there." arrow
Rob Oerlemans Executive Officer, Lions Clubs Australia Lions Club Australia

Keep your business and your customers safe with eWAY’s State Of The–Art Security.

PCI DSS Level 1 Compliant

All customer and credit card data is secured by military–grade software and encrypted by Ingrian devices to offer the highest level of protection possible. We are tier one PCI DSS compliant, meaning we adhere to the highest security standards set by Visa and MasterCard.

Security Partners

The World's most trusted security
your business 24/7

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eWAY Payment Gateway and Credit Card Processing

eWAY is the market-leading New Zealand payment gateway with full PCI compliance. We offer eCommerce solutions for businesses to start online credit card processing quickly and securely!

Through our range of eCommerce solutions we automate your online payments, saving you time and money. All credit card transactions are processed in real time directly into your New Zealand Internet Merchant Account.

Get online faster with our expert eCommerce advice, simple integration, the widest range of integrated shopping carts, and FREE 24/7 support you can rely on.

Start Online Payment Processing Today!

Create an eWAY account today in just two minutes and get the expert eCommerce advice you need to get online faster. To start taking online payments you will need an Internet Merchant Account from one of the major New Zealand banks. Through our obligation free signup you can gain access to MYeWAY, where you can request a quote for an Internet Merchant Account. We take the hassle out of contacting the bank by bringing the bank to you!

Accept credit card payments and grow your business today with the leading New Zealand payment gateway!